Tuesday, January 10, 2012

August 2011

We finally closed on and moved into our home in Enterprise!
Hooray! We have space, and a yard again!!!!

Back to School!
Anna excited to be going to 7th Grade and Enterprise High School!
Andi so excited to be in a big girl bed! She loves her "princess" bed. Thanks Grandma Baker for the adorable princess blanket! As for me, it was a lot harder to put the crib away than I thought. Not sure if I am ready for Andi to be so grown up!

Soccer time! Addi, Alli & Adri loved playing soccer. They are pretty darn good, too!

A.J., Andi and our kitten, Pickle,
who put up with a lot of lovin' and mauling from the kids and our new Border Collie puppy, Max.

July 2011

We started off July by Adri celebrating her 6th birthday!
Happy Birthday Adri! We sure do love you!

We then spent some fun at Grandma and Grandpa Baker's property by Beaver.
The 4-wheelers were a favorite!
Nothing better than sticking feet in nice cold water!
The kids stayed and played with Grandma and Grandpa, while Adam and I made a quick trip to get the last "stuff" and say our final good-bye to our home in Newton. We had actually sold our home! It was such a huge blessing and answer to our prayers!

We made a quick trip to Bryce Canyon. We did a little hiking, slept in tents at the KOA, ate yummy food, all for Adam and Scott who ran the Bryce Canyon 1/2 Marathon!
Getting a great workout and a beautiful view!
Addi's first 5K Race! She was smiling before . . . and after! She did awesome!The best cheering crew ever for the runners!Adam is even smiling after his 1/2 Marathon!
He got a P.R. He totally rocked!

We celebrated the 24th of July in Enterprise.
We started off the morning running the Enterprise 5K.
We include: Adam, Martha, Anna, Addi, Alli & Adri!
It was a first 5K for most of them!
Adri was as sore the next few days as I get from running the marathon.
I think she might train a little bit for next years race!

Races in the park!
Run, Run, Run! as fast as you can!You don't get much better than the 24th of July races in Enterprise!Unless it is finding money in the water pond.
Unfortunately we didn't find too much.

Monday, January 9, 2012

June 2011

We ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. Our team was called "Couples Therapy" It was a wildly, crazy, insane sort of fun! We ran a lot, laughed a lot, ate a lot, and slept a little . . . and somehow we survived it!
Here is our whole team.
We were in two vans, so we only saw our whole team a few times during the race.
Sister Love . . .
come rain or shine, in the middle of the night or in the light, she will always be there for you and you for her! I love my sisters!We convinced Brenda and Joel to run the race with us.
They were good sports!

Scott and Adam demonstrating how steep their next legs to run up "Ragnar" really are.

"Feel the Sparks!"
We had a fun Everett Family Reunion in June.
It was great to see and spend time with a lot of our family!
We played in sunny St. George and then spent time in nice cooler Pine Valley.
Good food, good times, good fun!
I just love this picture!
I love Andi's cute chubby fingers and hand just grasping on to me.
My baby is growing up! :o(

Anna turned 12!
We have a Young Woman in our house!

Adam is happy to be one year older!
And happy to have angel food cake to eat!
Not sure if we got enough candles on the cake or not. . .

May 2011

Adri graduated from Kindergarten!
You can sort of see our Apartment in the background.

Lucky to have her dad as the principal!

A.J. so excited to be 4!

April 2011

We helped Addi do a fun Science Fair Project about which shoes would help her run fastest for 50 meters on the track. Bare feet won over-all with her running shoes a close 2nd. Addi's feet got a bit hammered and cut up after sprinting in bare feet a few times, so she still chooses to run in her running shoes. She did look pretty cool sprinting in her heels not to mention trying to run in snow boots.
Anna, Addi & Alli all played softball. They learned a lot and had fun playing and learning all the cheers with their teams. But did I get any pictures of them? No.
Here is Andi wanting to go out and play catch with someone.

I, Martha, made a quick trip with Rachel up to visit Misha, Joe, Eliza and new baby James living in Boise, Idaho.
It was a long road trip, but we had a blast! So glad we went!

Bentley and I get to celebrate our birthdays on the same day!
Hooray for angel food cake!!!!

March 2011

Alli turned 8 years old!
Her and Addi started taking piano lessons again.

Alli was baptized!
Grandma and Grandpa Everett returned home from their mission to Ireland & Scotland just in time to attend!

February 2011

We had to say good bye to all of our friends . . . and to our dog, Potter.
It was very sad and hard.

Addi had a fun time playing basketball on the Newton team!
I had fun helping coach.

We made it down to Enterprise in time to celebrate Valentine's Day and
to celebrate our Grandpa Baker's Birthday!