Thursday, February 26, 2009

STRIKE!!!! - Bowling at Poppin' Pins, Preston, ID!

Our ward Elders Quorum recently rented the bowling alley in Preston, Id for an activity. Yes, you may recognize the name Poppin' Pins from the wildly popular movie filmed in Preston, ID -- Napoleon Dynamite! We have bowled on the same lanes once bowled on by Kip and Uncle Rico! Totally Awesome!

Our kids had a total blast, hopefully you can enjoy some of the action from the pictures!
AJ and Emma enjoying the ashtrays??

Alli and Adri using the ramp to roll near strikes!

Adri using the beautiful purple and green ball, her favorite. It was quite a heavy ball!

AJ rolling his ball. He would scream if you helped him roll it and then run down the alley trying to catch the ball. I had to chase him down a couple of times.

Addi watching her ball knock over some pins!

Martha and Adri using the granny technique. Martha got a few strikes bowling this way!

Alli on the approach!

Alli gazing after her ball!

AJ and Martha winding up!

We were harassed by our neighbors for wearing our Baker Bowling league team shirts.

AJ seriously loved bowling!

Adri posing after her roll!

AJ modeling his cute bowling shoes.

The sisters in their cute shoes.

AJ and Martha nearly getting a strike!

Adri and Martha winding up and . . .

Adri and Martha getting a STRIKE!!!

Alli had some sweet form!


Angie said...

Martha, You have such a beautiful family! I love reading your updates!

Linda said...

Hi! I am trying to reach the owners of the Poppin' Pins bowling alley. Can you help me? The number on the web doesn't work. It is listed as 208.852.2111. Thanks!

Linda Marble