Tuesday, January 10, 2012

August 2011

We finally closed on and moved into our home in Enterprise!
Hooray! We have space, and a yard again!!!!

Back to School!
Anna excited to be going to 7th Grade and Enterprise High School!
Andi so excited to be in a big girl bed! She loves her "princess" bed. Thanks Grandma Baker for the adorable princess blanket! As for me, it was a lot harder to put the crib away than I thought. Not sure if I am ready for Andi to be so grown up!

Soccer time! Addi, Alli & Adri loved playing soccer. They are pretty darn good, too!

A.J., Andi and our kitten, Pickle,
who put up with a lot of lovin' and mauling from the kids and our new Border Collie puppy, Max.


bennion.john@gmail.com said...

Yay for the new post! I can't wait to video chat with you guys!

Joe said...

Dear Allie,